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FIRE DEPARTMENT CITY OF NEW YORK. MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION FORM. Last Name: First Name: Title: Shield (if applicable):. Bureau/Department:.
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This is a fire log it's just basically a giant wooden candle that can burn for hours it burns from the inside out until the logs gone it could be used for a campfire where you can't normally have a campfire heat light a decoration or even cooking on if you really wanted to looks cool I like to customize mine too with faces and junk this is what you'll need a log a drill a huge-ass drill bit this one is an inch and a half by about 13 inches some sort of fire starter I like to use wax in a wick and if you are using wax and a wick you'll need something that melted in also a smaller drill but if you need to drill pilot holes and something that hooked down a wick and a smaller drill bit for detail work so step one is to get your drill ready ohh-ho-ho now that's a drill bit then just drill and do the log straight down the middle but like 3/4 of the way down into the log then dump out all the excess sawdust here I'm just measuring how deep I went into the log so I can line up the hole on the side you want to go into the side slightly above the bottom of the first hole and the side of the log is a lot harder to get into so I needed a drill a pilot hole and take the huge drill bit go all the way into the log until the two holes connect dump out all the excess sawdust and now you can see there's two holes in the log this is what it kind of looks like inside the log you see how the first hole goes down three-quarters of the way and the side hole comes in just slightly above where the other hole ended at this point if you're lazy you could be finished you just light a piece of firestarter drop it in the top and eventually the whole log will catch and just burn like it should but if you want to give it get a bit more creative and make the logs more unique and interesting looking I like to draw faces and stuff on them like some look funny now here's another thing you can do you can drill through the eyes into the middle hole and will make the eyes glow on the log is lit although this will shorten how long the log will burn for now I'm just melting the wax now it is melted take the wick soak it in wax stick the wick in the bottom opening until it reaches the other hole and then push it down with something so it's at the bottom of the other hole and just fill it with wax until you start to see it reach the end once this wax hardens it'll shrink a bit so you'll have to top it up with another batch of melted wax and now it is done here you can see in the picture how I have the wax and wick setup and the fire log is complete let's test it out so it takes a while to get going but eventually does sometimes the outside catches a bit on fire but nothing to worry about this is just a time-lapse of the life of the log it was really windy that day so it burnt a lot faster than it probably showed up in the fire was a bit crazy if you're in an area protected from the wind fire probably wouldn't be this crazy and the log would probably last longer this is what the log look...